The Olympics logo gets redesigned to look like Barb threads for this reason

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No rights. No games. a non-governmental organization putting pressure on the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, redesigned the Olympics logo to highlight a significant cause.

organization calls on China to cease the persecution of Muslims in Uyghur, a region controlled by China. Conformable VICE, the Uighur Muslim population is thrown into the internment camps for no good reason.

Although the UN and human rights condemned its practices, China did not speak publicly about stopping the persecution. Therefore, No rights. No game requires China to close the camps. If the request is not met, the organization says it will contact the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to relocate the Olympics and make China "responsible" for its actions.

Principal coordinator from the campaign, Peter Irwin, explained that even if the "Olympic Games bring people together", paradoxically, the competition will be organized in a country full of "concentration camps" and thus will not respect the "spirit of the Games. "

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