3 strategies to revive and grow your Facebook business page

Business pages are still valuable, but the way you support them has changed.

13, 2020

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Long gone are the glory days when posting on your Facebook business page would mean reaching out to most followers. Even if Facebook is approaching the 2.5 billion euro user rating, the posts on the business pages are notorious for being low, often representing 5% or less of the total number of a page as a number.

Part of this design is by design, to encourage you to cough and mourn. But, as Facebook continues to grow, the large amount of material in the user's feed also becomes a factor; each Facebook user can like up to 5,000 pages, be in up to 6,000 groups and have up to 5,000 friends.

The feed can hold back so much, and Facebook realizes that people spend more time on the platform when the feed is filled with updates from their personal communities, so groups and personal profile updates are likely to get the visibility part of the lion. . (Have you seen the Facebook TV commercials lately? The tech giant is pushing the groups hard.)

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Fortunately, there are workarounds for this lack of visibility, and if you feel a presence on Facebook helps raise awareness for your business, you should invest time and energy in your strategy. As a content strategist, I continuously evaluate what works best on Facebook and helps others do the same. Facebook has not stopped working; It's just that many entrepreneurs use strategies that have become outdated years ago. If you want more marketing returns from your Facebook business page, consider adopting one or all of these approaches.

1. Embrace the live stream

Facebook Live became a feature for all users in 2016, but many entrepreneurs are still reluctant to adopt it. What it is is, live video gets more weight on the algorithm than posts with other ads, such as photos or videos. (Facebook said that a live video receives, on average, 10 times the engagement of a non-live post.) Not only will you cut in front of the algorithm line, but you will also receive push notifications sent to some of your following inform them of your live broadcast.

When you can interact with users in real time and respond to comments, more comment dialogs may occur. Consider running a longer Facebook Live feed to give you more clue for comments and conversations. Do your posts in the offer box give you hundreds of comments? I didn't think so.

2. Personalize the user experience with Messenger

Bots have a bad rap on social media due to the proliferation of fake profiles and automated comments that have invaded many platforms. However, associating a messenger strategy with Messenger with your Facebook business page can still be a smart game to customize. A McKinsey's recent report predicts that "personalization will be the main driver of marketing success within five years." If you do not resolve customization now, you will soon be left on the market.

A messaging sequence can help automatically answer user questions through pre-built content. If your technical team is robust, you could also create your own bot from the instructions of the Facebook developer. For cod-allergic entrepreneurs, ManyChat is a popular, easy-to-use tool whose features include assigning certain commented words or phrases to custom Messenger push, allowing you to link posting to Messenger subscriptions. If you want more customizations, with a little AI spread, ChatFuel feeds the Messenger strategy of many Facebook pages whose followers are in the millions.

The main benefit of messaging marketing is that you actually reach the target audience; several campaigns have open rates of 80% or higher and click rates of 20% or higher, an engagement that email marketers can only dream of.

3. Pay to reach your warm audience

A small investment can go a long way in increasing the visibility of your post when you advertise on your existing pages page. Since you are a family person, users may not realize that you have sponsored the post to appear in front of them. As Gary Vaynerchuk points out, attention is a currency. And while consumers say that more and more often ignore creatives, what they actually ignore are ads that are not relevant to them. If they like your Facebook business page, you've already overcome a significant hurdle. Custom audience is Facebook's biggest marketing weapon. Instead of asking yourself who did or didn't watch a video, measure it by sponsoring a video post, then reload users who have watched it for a considerable amount of time.

Do you still have to increase your audience? Here are some less hot audiences, which are actually low-performing and worth the advertising expenses:

  • Your list of emails it can also be uploaded to Facebook, and Facebook will do its best to associate email addresses with user profiles; the match rate is usually 50-80 percent.

  • Targeting "page friends like" This can be a good page creation strategy because Facebook will show users how many people like your page before displaying your creative creative. 92 percent of consumers trust the approvals from their friends.

  • A similar audience is technically an audience of people unknown to your brand, but these users statistically have data markers and similar behaviors that they like on your existing page or email subscriber, which increases the chance to engage.

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If you have an existing page with your audience and your engagement has dropped, don't let the hard-earned asset go away. And if you're just starting a page, consider adopting these alternative approaches to grow and interact with the millions of users who visit the platform every day.

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